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Strong Pack

Avenida Costa del So Plaza Zen Local 9, Panamá , Panamá
(507) 398-4504
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CrossFit is…

In you. It’s what you got. Embrace your inner strength, claim your right to be fit.

Functional. Forget machines, forget your bicep curls. Just real movements. Natural force. The game is on, just you and your body. All of it, at all times.

Intense. Force, distance, time. Measurable factors = measurable results. You will do more in less time and you will train pushing the limits of your tolerance.

Varied. You will never know what’s out to get you. Or for how long. Or for how much. You will learn to be prepared for whatever crosses your path.

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Direcciones de mapa
Avenida Costa del So Plaza Zen Local 9, Panamá , Panamá

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